Community Tennis

Community Tennis

The Club runs a program called "Community Tennis", which serves to reach out to the local community and is one of the remarkable services provided by the Club.

Tennis lessons and special coaching are provided by the Club on all week-ends to children of economically weaker families, selected from various schools in and around the vicinity of the Club,absolutely free of cost.

Over 50 boys and girls in the age group 6-14 avail this facility currently. They are equipped with racquets, uniforms and other necessities at the Club's expenses and are also given free refreshments after the coaching sessions.

The programme was started in 2009 and is becoming more and more popular as some of the trainees have made rapid progress. Four of the top ten players in Kerala in all categories put together are from the Community Tennis scheme.

There are many Challenges facing the program. Continuity of Financial support and sponsorships to support them is a major challenge. We also have to find financial support for those who would like to take part in tournaments outside the City and State. The Club hopes to tie up with a long-term sponsor.

Our vision is to make Tennis accessible to all children who have kinesthetic intelligence and interest in the game, irrespective of gender, class, creed or financial status of the parents.

We believe that TTC Community Tennis can discover some uncut diamonds and polish them through this program. Select promising players will be hand-picked for more advanced and intensive training.

The program could well serve as a great model for other clubs and Associations too. TTC for its part is wholly committed to its Community program and looks forward to sponsor support for upgrading it to a more professional level.